"B4" - Official Music Video Out April 28!

In the Beginning

It’s been four years since I released new music and from the beginning I wanted this single to be different. While developing Marcdbeats app, I came across the beat for “B4” which he had named as “Ready”. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I know it was the one that would pull me out of years of writers block. I listened to the beat everyday until I was able to get the lyrics where I wanted them.

Once I finished the song and did a rough draft at my house for play back, I was confident enough to take it to a real studio and get it professionally recorded. I teamed up with Brandon Garza (@MixbyBrandon on IG) to recored mix and master the song & Trisha Lacoste (@Trisha_Lacoste on IG) to film and document the making on the song at Wireroads Studio In Houston TX.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

Lights, Camera, Action!

After completing the song I teamed up with Trisha Lacoste again to start planning the video. As we are both fans of The Office tv show we had the idea to pay homage to the CLASSIC show and reenact the pranks, jello, and looking in the camera like Jim. Ashley Richardson (@Htashup on IG) was the perfect actress for the roll. She too being a fan of the show knew instantly what we were going for. Trisha directed everything and was true to the “hand held” style of recording as the show is known for. She also edited the video and came up with the concept of the split screen showing two sides.


Acting out the parts of the song was my favorite part. I feel us doing that really pulled out the lyrics and made the song connect better. And yes that was a real PS4 remote and that jello was COLD!!!!! All in all this was a great team effort and I’m sure you can see it in the video it was so fun to shoot. I hope you enjoy the song and video! – Ben-G From The LPC